Fork in the Road

I've hit a massive fork in the road on my journey. It's scaring the living daylights out of me, to tell the truth. Choosing one way may mean giving up a number of cherished dreams (at least for the immediate future) - choosing the other may mean giving up a whole lot of other stuff, including a chance to fulfil a few of the dreams a couple of years down the line.

Truth is, I'd love to sit down with someone who knows me extremely well, who knows what I've been hoping and dreaming and how I think, and thrash this one out. Get their input and advice. Often by saying it out loud you find solutions. Unfortunately there is no-one available at the moment to do that with, so instead I'm doing the other thing that works well - getting my hands dirty.

I've done it before - when I need to think, I work hard, physical work. Today it's getting into at least one car engine (possibly two), a pile of washing, a house that's been sorely neglected and needs a thorough scrubbing, a garage that has to be organized, a few things to be fixed, and a whole lot of dishes waiting for attention.

If I haven't sorted out my head by the end of that, there's no hope for me! :-)