What 5-year Plan?

Funny thing this - but about 2 weeks ago I had the closest thing to a 5-year plan I've had in ages.

This week it's all blown up. Not in a bad way. I've just realized that there's no way you can really plot your course and actually stick to it. You can get a vague idea of what you want in life and attempt to steer in that direction, but if you don't accept that life kinda does its own thing, you're going to go mad. Very quickly.

I had a timeline worked out. I had things I was going to do this year (biding my time a bit), then a couple big changes next year. A spot of travel, the Camino to walk, a gradual letting go of life in the fast lane to become a part-time nomad and "retire" at 40.

Hmmm. Apparently not. Or PROBABLY not.

This week someone asked "where do you see yourself in 5 years? what are your goals?". And I felt somewhat idiotic not being able to actually tell them!

The thing is this. Life is flux. Things are constantly in motion, changing and evolving. I've done enough stressing out in the past as to where my life WASN'T going. I've found the best thing is to simply live with open eyes and open heart, following the doors that are unlocked and not banging your head on the closed ones (marvellous practice, that!). Which means that sometimes I'm not quite sure where I'm going...!

But I reckon as long as it's forward - as long as I'm not stuck in a rut - I'm going in the right direction. Even if it doesn't include a 5-year plan.

Now if only I could put all that into spoken word as easily as I've just written it! :-)