Room with a view

I have a great office, really I do. Anything that has a window is generally a good idea, and mine has BEEEEG windows.

But certain times of the year are not good in this office. In winter, when the sun reaches its lowest, from around 3 in the afternoon there's a direct sun-hit in the eyes, creating business for L'Oreal and their team of anti-wrinkle experts (unfortunately I have not supported them sufficiently, and it's starting to show). Then there's late summer or early Spring. One car parked at the right angle, and it's this:

Yes, I'm hiding behind my plant - which seems to love this spot and has completely taken off heading north. Luxuriant, I think they call it - except it's more spindly-tall than "full".

OK - close the blinds, I hear you say. Yah... I could.. but I'm a bit of a sucker for sunshine and a view. Even if I'm getting more wrinkles by the day.

So I guess I really shouldn't be complaining hey. Especially now that a few moments have passed, and so has that glare. I should be able to read the screen in about 6 minutes without a blank spot in the middle of my vision.

(thus concludes yet another blog post about basically nothing - welcome to my life)