Off the Cliff

Things are finalized and now I can spill the beans. I'm about to take a Very Large step off a Very Big cliff, and to tell the truth it's got me reasonably terrified!

I'm changing jobs. My letter of resignation went in this morning. I've been offered employment in a whole new direction that I'm excited about, but it's going to mean big change all round. From housing to how our family functions, from no-commute to commute, from safe community to the big bad world out there, from the known to the very-much-unknown. But step I will! (and the fear-related adrenalin is likely to push me far toward success)

I had planned to do this only at the end of the year, giving me a bit of a buffer zone to work out the details. But there are open doors in life, and if you don't walk through them they shut permanently. This is one, and I'm taking it. There is thanks to be given to a couple of folk for their help - you know who you are, and I really appreciate it (if you'd like tangible thanks in the form of a tray of brownies, do let me know :-) ).

It does mean many dreams are either falling by the wayside or being put on hold. Two months spent walking the Camino is not going to happen. Nor are some of the trips by Landy I'd hoped to undertake. I'm going to be the new chick, the learning-curve scrambler, starting from scratch, branching out into a new direction (with mere touches of the old retained). Quite frightening stuff.

In the meantime though I have MANY things to do in the next few weeks, which can't be left to hope or chance. Am getting right to them.