Red Velvet

This is a photo from a recent fashion week show. I'm not usually one for that kind of thing, but the second I saw this image it said "winter".

There's something about velvet in rich wine tones that cries out for a bit of cold weather, perfect for luxuriating in. And although I love summer with all my heart (and a good deal of exposed skin that hides most other seasons), winter has its charms too. Cuddling up under layers of soft warm bedding, comfort food, dark chocolate (though who needs a season for that!). I'm actually looking forward to winter!

This year I'm planning a spot of redecorating. Enough years have passed since I looked around me and thought "hmm.. this room needs some work". Moving houses certainly gives a good incentive to try something new! To chuck out the clutter - or leave it in its boxes permanently. To rearrange the furnishings. To add those touches that speak "home". I'm all for neutrals and calming colours, practical natural fabrics and textures - but perhaps, just maybe, this time round I'll add a shot of red velvet. Just for winter. And just for the "lekkerkry" of it (boy, will my dog love that...). I may even wear it.