Here's a whole pile of stuff that's been bouncing around in my head:

* It's funny how we often asume people know us as well as we know ourselves. Take this blog, for example. I find myself writing (all too often) as if you can read my mind, as if you know all the stories that have made me who I am today, my history and perspectives. So I often summarize my thoughts instead of expanding into the nuances that would actually explain what I'm on about. If you find yourself somewhat confused here on occasion, I certainly don't blame you.. :-)

* I've set myself a fitness & health goal with a timestamp on it - but age seems to be playing a factor this time around. A few years ago I would have easily achieved what I set out to do, but now it's taking longer and requires a lot more work. Just when I think I'm getting it right, I realize I've still got a ways to go! But I will persevere. And I really need to stop forgetting to eat.

* It looks like the Camino trip is going to work out... but I'm still concerned about what to do with my son while I'm gone. 2 months is a long time for him to be on his own, but I'm not sure who I could ask to help out. The nearest family is a half-hour drive away, but his school is right here. Friends? Not anyone I could call on for such a big thing. Still thinking very hard.

* I'm finally getting to the stage at work where I can breathe again. The worst of the November to February rush is over, and I can turn my attention to stuff I've neglected. I think I kinda ground to a halt this past week, simply running out of steam after putting in so much effort constantly for months. There was one late afternoon where I simply couldn't give a stuff anymore, and just wanted to go home. I know I'm not the only one - our IT guy has been heading off to work just after 6 every morning, working till late at night, and mentioned yesterday he also got that "don't give a damn" feeling this week. I know one thing - all work and no play/me-time/relaxation is not a good thing. Balance is essential, or you're not going to make it.

And now it's back to the grindstone. Got a pretty big job that I'm determined to finish today. Can't put it off any longer.