Additional disjointed thoughts

Why does my cellphone start getting so hot after about 5 minutes of talk? Hmmm... hope it doesn't explode. Perhaps it's the heated debates going on, melting the airwaves?

Chocolate. That's what I'm missing today!

I'm not as attached to my rose bushes as I thought I was. Ringing up the garden lady this week to donate them to a suitable spot. Perhaps they can sprinkle my ashes over the blerry things one day or something in return.

Did you know a single tomato bush, randomly growing in the daisies, can produce 5kg of tomatoes? Or more? Pity I found the perfect spot for tomatoes just as I'm leaving here.

I'm still bouncing (darn vitamins) - but half of me feels like I've already burnt out. Either this Siberian Ginseng is the bee's knees or I'm having one of those "individual results may vary" experiences.

Got words? "Dazzle Me" the second is on!

Some of these totally rock. Reminds me - I have a few t-shirt designs I should get printing...

Right. That should do it for today's over-blogging. Before Sunday strikes let me hit the sack.