Yeah, I'm a blogging demon today! :-) Making up for a week of not many words (at least not here). And with the brain still running on high revvs. Though I did crash rather suddenly last night.

Anyhoo.. enough about me (yah right - this entire blog's about ME! :-)).

I was thinking. New house coming up. Perhaps I should do the whole housewarming thing?

When we first moved in here 10 years or so ago, I wasn't particularly flush, nor did I have many possessions to seat guests on or feed them off or any such thing. Single mom with a 3 1/2 year old kid. Just out of parent's house. Never really got around to warming up the house in any manner or form. I kept thinking I should do it, and never did.

Now it's a different story. Although I'm about to get rid of a couple furnishings, they'll be replaced forthwith. New house, new neighbourhood, still single mom but with a teen son this time. Would be nice to have a bash to get to know the neighbours and show current friends where we are (other than a Google Earth link).

So here's some options:

1. Bring and braai. Stick a big sign up on my new sliding security gate giving a time and a date and a "bring your own...", fire up the fire in the front yard and see who pitches.

2. Housewarming weekend. To put paid to the "we have something on" crowd who always can't make it. Send out a message saying: "On Friday night we're serving soup and rolls. On Saturday night we've got a big braai. On Sunday we'll have the whole Sunday lunch and roast thing going. Pick one and tell me when you're coming so we can cater for you."

3. Ongoing housewarming. One for the fandamily. One for the friends. One for whomever else I need to invite. In dribs and drabs as folk are available.

4. Leave the thing. Again. Just move in quietly and unobtrusively.

Whatcha think? Any other ideas? Do it, don't do it? Have your say before I have to put up one of those poll things again! :-)