Have you ever wondered if you're "enough"? You know for a fact you're a great individual.. but...

I guess it's the old comparing-to-others junk that rears its ugly head now and then. Makes you wonder if you could ever measure up. It's a horribly slippery dangerous slope to navigate, a soul-destroying mind-jellifying circling of the self-confidence drain. Yet it happens. Not often - but it happens.

I wish I had a cure for it. That I could say "I AM good enough: attractive enough, interesting enough, strong enough, experienced enough, worth enough - worthy enough...." and it would all magically be instilled in that bit of the brain that doubts. Unfortunately there is no real cure, other than realizing and believing how very valuable you are as a unique individual - how the opinions of others don't make you who you are, don't determine the soul-kernel that determines how you shine.

Still.. sometimes I do struggle. Sometimes I don't feel like enough.