There's one thing I hate about being sick and all clogged up. Well other than being sick and all clogged up of course. It's the way your senses, particularly smell, start playing up.

This entire week I've been smelling pine. Not nice pine, but a strange mix of pine and stink (no there's nothing under my shoe). Just whiffs of it here and there. I thought at first it was the afternoon sun hitting my desk after the cleaning lady used a new type of furniture polish on it. But no, I can smell it here at home too. And I haven't used any of that particular brand/flavour on my desk at home.

Earlier in the week the ears went. Nice and peaceful in here with them blocked, but of course there's the hassle of your ears not "popping" when you deign to descend the mountain to sea-level. Had to be popped manually before they got overbearingly painful.

Once your smell sense starts to go, taste is affected too. My dark chocolate addiction hasn't been half as nice as it was 2 weeks ago! So I'm saving it up for when I'm completely back to normal and can enjoy it fully. No sense in wasting good chocolate on the unappreciative!

Last night I hauled out some indulgent comfort food - camembert, green fig preserve and crackers. Not as comforting as it was when I could taste it properly, so it's getting the dark-choc treatment too, languishing in storage for a few more days.

The only thing that hasn't been affected by the flu-or-whatever-it-was has been eyesight and touch. Unless you count being sore all over when very ill.

But I'm nearly all better. And I look forward to having my senses back, just the way they're meant to function.

(do you think I label some of these posts "random ramblings" for nothing?! :-) )