Inferiority Complex

I have got to stop comparing myself to other people..! It's horribly easy to get caught up in that trap and let your self-confidence take a dive. Well, crash and burn more like it.

I found myself doing it last night when I should have been sleeping. Not conducive to falling asleep, let me tell you. I ran through the entire range of body image, lifestyle, material possessions, personality, life goals... you name it, I thought it. Which is complete and utter nonsense. But very depressing.

If you end up doing this, it's very easy to start seeing yourself as a lesser human being, with everyone else a whole lot better than you or completely out of your league. You're looking good - but it's not "enough", you'll never measure up to the rest of the female population. You're making a success of life - but it's "too little, too late", and you wonder if you will ever get where you want to be. You worry you'll forever be an outsider, doomed to mediocrity. And so it goes.

Load of crap. Really it is. And totally unncessary. But that's what happens sometimes when you're lying in the dark with eyes staring at the (spider on the) ceiling, hoping sleep will come.

Good thing daylight brings a different perspective. Truth is I'm happy in my skin (though still attempting to shrink some parts of it ;-) ). I'm the bee's knees! I'm a nice person! Hell no - I'm great.

So the whole inferiority complex thing can just go jump.