I'm really looking forward to being finally settled in with the new house/job, sorted out, unpacked, organized, with all the loose ends tied up. Why? Cos I've got things going around in my head that want out!

I haven't taken a decent photograph in ages. I really really need to haul out my little Canon A95 and get going again. I may even take out the ancient Minolta with it's film roll and many lenses, and see what I can accomplish with that! It always took the most amazing depth pictures, something the digital doesn't achieve quite so well. Or perhaps I need to fiddle a bit more, and actually READ the instruction manual? :-)

I haven't put colour to paper/canvas in ages. There's some arty things I want to splash big and dramatic onto a large surface. Or at the very least pencil a few lines on paper. I have some of my son's stuff from years ago that needs framing too.

I haven't hauled out the sewing machine in ages, except for sewing up something around Xmas. I'm probably going to need to sew curtains soon... but there are other things calling my name. Having an overlocker handy certainly helps.

There's the woodwork I mentioned - why should I pay exorbitant amounts for factory-made non-solid-wood stuff when I can craft something unique and beautiful myself? I have so many ideas running around my head, and a need to make a few things for our home too.

I haven't touched the piano in months..

There's creative body work too. I really need to set aside some time for stillness each day, for quiet and relaxation and getting my soul back into my body. Perhaps throw in a little of the yoga type stuff, and breathe deeply and well. Add in a bit of really good cooking instead of semi-instant one-pot meals. Learn to enjoy balance and health again.

All this stuff has been put on hold for a while as the urgent stuff gets done. But I can't put it off too much longer. There's creativity in me that needs out, as soon as possible. With as much enjoyment as possible.