The morning after the night before

I must be getting old. I have no idea how I used to party through the night, get home when the birds were starting up, and still make it through the next day.

No, I didn't go out jolling and get blind drunk. I just got an hour or so less sleep than normal! :-)

It's actually pretty freaky... if I don't hit the sack by around 10, I'm completely thrown out of kilter the next day. Today I definitely have a sleep-loss hangover, and didn't get that solid a rest either. Seems I'm a sucker for routine.

HOWEVER, I do have the newspaper in hand, and am seeking out accommodation like a wild thing. Before it's all snapped up. So at least that's one good thing this morning.

The rest? Well I'll attempt to sleep with my eyes open for most of the day and see if it works.