Never blog when...

I'm starting to make a very long list of "never blog when"s... It's getting so lengthy that one day I may not be able to blog at all!

Never blog when you're:
* over-tired
* drunk
* depressed
* over-confident (..goes before a fall)
* the owner of a broken heart
* the owner of a burstingly-in-love heart (these things may come back to haunt you)
* horny (especially if your readers think you never are)
* functioning on low blood sugar only
* unable to sleep, ie the middle of the night (see "what the heck was that about?")
* unable NOT to sleep - your eyes are merely propped open
* being constantly interrupted (see "flow of thought")
* feeling overly verbose (see "scrolldown..and down...and down...")
* feeling underly verbose (see "one-word blog posts")
* angry
* naked (well - ok, but don't vlog it)
* hungover
* sick
* in the bath (first rule of science regarding water/electricity)
* in the middle of a thunderstorm (second rule of science regarding conductors/electricity)
* sworn to secrecy
* driving

Fortunately I'm not one for sticking to the rules, so this blog lives on!