Big One

I'm sitting here looking at information on Tubal Ligation. Yes, tube-tying of the sterilization variety.


Well it kinda struck me that I'm 35 (doh!).. and unlikely to bear any more kids. So why not?

OK, 35 isn't old. I'll admit that. But really... is it likely that I'll be producing another offspring? Ever? I don't think so. There's no-one begging me to have their babies! :-)

On the other hand, what if I'd want to sometime down the line. I mean, this stuff is permanent, or at the very least extremely difficult to undo.

And back to "35" - to produce anything down the line will have me almost too old to raise it!

Head's going back and forth on this - and I haven't even really given it much thought before tonight. No, I'm not going to tell you what brought it on. And talking about tube-tying is probably too much info for many of you anyway (there-there, off you go now, don't give it another thought :-) ).

Still, I wonder if it's something I should be considering? Am I too young to?