I found myself pacing like a caged cat yesterday.. up and down, up and down. While the mind worked overtime on sorting out quite a few issues.

One of which is housing. I think I have a solution and am trying to get that worked out this morning.

Another had to do with the fact that I don't feel ready, completely prepared for all the changes I have to make. Besides the fact that we haven't moved yet, there's the not-so-commuter-friendly car/s I have - both of which are having issues. One of which is frustrating me no end with a lack of lights and some other stuff that's worrying me.

Then there's the schooling-transport thing. But the solution to the housing is also the solution to the schooling-transport! Holding thumbs I'm not too late to claim it.

I did make a bit of progress on packing, sorting and chucking out yesterday that has me feeling better - but I've still got too many loose ends for my peace of mind.

Hence the pacing...

Second-last day at this particular job. Most stuff is sorted out here. New adventures await! And I hear there's quite the to-do list waiting for me. I'll be diving right in.

Today though it's the last of the last, in many ways. And I've just had someone pop by to confirm that yes, indeed - my "farewell" will be one week after I leave. LOL Really, that's pretty funny. But anyhoo.

I think I'm done with my pacing today. The cat has settled down to purr in the sunshine. To enjoy thoughts of other things that make me smile and are not at all work-related (you know who you are). But which I ain't blogging about here.. :-)