Isn't it nice when you have a bit of a run-in with reality! :-) I like to dream big, to picture what could be - but now and then cold hard fact likes to sneak up and crack me over the noggin.

Had one of those moments this evening. I went to see a very nice house, in a very nice area, at a price that is pretty big. When I sat down and worked out my sums, I realized that reality says "not a chance in hell". Not unless I either want us to starve or be out on the street chop-chop.

Reality also informed me that I need to sit up and take notice of a couple of other things around me, before it's too late. Although I go with gut-feel and instinct a lot, sometimes I have to examine the facts and work from those instead. To take a clinical look at things and not get carried away by imagination. Hard to do sometimes, I admit. There's a spark of creativity in me that likes to throw in pixie-dust now and again.

So anyway it's back to the drawing board with regards to accommodation. And back to real life with its associated issues - I have to deal and move on a number of things, and do it quickly. It's a bit of a snowball effect where not having one thing organized floods over into other things.

Once that's sorted - perhaps I can dream again. :-)