Day One

So.. a whole new world! Yup, first day at the new job. I figured out that dropping the kid at school at 7:20, buying a paper and driving right through makes my commute... wait for it... SEVEN MINTUES! :-) Not bad, eh? So of course I beat everyone to work today - including those who were supposed to show me the ropes. Had a bit of time to catch my breath.

But it started off well. Got me a desk and a 'puter, and dug in to reading a whole lot of documentation, getting to know what the products are all about. Sat in on a meeting, had another later on - and in between had barely any time to eat, as my lunch hour was spent phoning around for housing. I could lose weight on this job! :-) Tomorrow I need to be a bit more organized though and get some food in.

Commute home took half an hour - but that was because I dropped by one of the places that I saw in the paper on the other side of town for a squiz. It seems to be in a good area, but it's behind inaccessibly security gates in a "rich man's squatter camp" (secure village), so will have to ask the agent to take me around this weekend. The price is affordable, and although it's not dream-perfect it's sufficient. Right area too for the kid to get a bus home from school at lunchtime. I've realized I need to go with what I can afford, not what I fantasize about.

So day one is under the belt. From here on out things will be speeding up a little as I play catch-up with knowledge and get stuck in to what I was hired to do. Car's still not too lekker (worried...) but it goes well enough. Will check out tyre balance, clutch "hiss" and one other engine thingie this weekend. Between finishing the packing.

Here's to day 2!