What was good about today

I know there's a song or a movie or a musical group or something by that name. But it's rather appropriate to this particular Friday, cos a lot of good stuff happened.

Actually, it started last night with something (unbloggable) and just carried on from there with another couple somethings that kept me grinning all day (still unbloggable.. sorry ;-) ) - but before this turns into an entire post about not much of anything, let me list the things that ARE bloggable.

I'm settling in at the new job (bit of a longer commute this morning thanks to heavy rain and one traffic light out - remind me to get a car with a heater and/or window defroster. Lights would be nice too!). There's a ways to go in getting to know my colleagues (I'm shy, so have to work up courage to connect with others sometimes), but I've starting in on some of the stuff I was hired to do. With looming deadlines and all! I'm still feeling my way, but getting the hang of the company, the products, and how things work a little better than I did yesterday. Today I found the boiling water dispenser and made some tea!

HOWEVER - I still need to sort out the whole meals thing. I tend to get so busy I don't eat, or don't feel like eating.. and then I come home and am too tired to make an effort. Tonight it was merely avo toast (and one small choccie to celebrate what's in the next paragraph). I did get some fruit in at lunchtime, and a lot of water during the day, but I need to get the pack-a-lunch routine sorted before I kill myself. I'm not going to fall into the buy-your-lunch trap.

So.. this paragraph. Right after work I went to have a walk-through of the house I drove past yesterday. From the security gate I already had a good vibe. Walking through the front door I almost said "we'll take it" without seeing anything else. It's not that it's fantastically great - but it's just what we need now, at a price I can afford. It's a great starter. Before I'd even got out of my car I ran into someone I know (neighbours!) - no, not literally, silly.... The complex is busy but quiet, well-kept and orderly, and right down the road is a big Landy with an Overland sticker - only the second I've seen! Here's something funny about that. I've stuck Overland stickers on both the Landy and the Ford, hoping to spot another forum member on the roads, but for months there's been nothing. Yesterday I walked out the front door from my new work, and there was a Landy with an Overland sticker sitting right in front of me. Today I go look at a house, and spot another! Sjoe! Anyhoo.... it's a 2-bedroom duplex with enough space for the 2 of us. Bricked yards front and back, but pet-friendly. Sliding security gate at front, room to park 3 cars (seriously considering putting up cover over part of it, with permission), dog friendly (though may still try rehome the two beasts). The complex comes with a pool and a load of kids my son's age. It has a great feel to it, and it's in exactly the spot I was hoping for with regards to post-school transport. Safe enough that my son can do his own thing over holidays without me worrying. It's missing a few things that were on my wishlist (ADSL line, lock-up garage, 3rd bedroom, real soil & greenery garden), but for now it's good. Having said that, this weekend I'm chucking out a lot of stuff that I don't plan to take with - and may organize sale of some bulky furniture to a second-hand shop, with an eye on an upgrade.

And then I came home to find I can actually log in to my internet banking, and have received a boost to my accounts thanks to salary payments from two places. Nice! I suddenly feel rich.. :-) Of course much of it is going toward moving, rent, and a few other essentials. But there's enough left over for a few good things. Including starting us off on the road I've hoped for toward the future. Financial recovery, and living instead of surviving.

Before I forget - my son had a good day too. It was supposed to be sports day, but when the school saw the immense amounts of rain coming down they sent everyone home at 9! So he had an off-day instead and spent it hanging around on the internet. (I think he's doing pretty well coming home on his own, actually enjoying it...sshhh.. :-) )

The good day continues with hearing a voice that makes me happy, savouring an Inside Story chocolate as a treat, and the fact that it's Friday! Weekend! Sleeping in! OK, perhaps not sleeping in TOO late - got some papers to sign for that house and many boxes to fill.

I seem to be running on adrenalin again tonight - two in a row - makes for late nights, matchstick-open eyes, an urge to fidget, and the occasional acting out of character. Or perhaps that's just the effects of a "natural energy boost" vitamin supplement I decided to start taking 2 days ago..? What do they put in these things??? :-)