It's a public holiday here in South Africa today, and many are chilling. Me, well I have a LOT to do. I need to do a drive-by of a house to check out what area it's in, get some stuff at the shops, repot my garden, pack/sort/chuck a multitude of things.

You'd think I'd be panicking! Especially as I only woke up at 8, sat around in my pj's until about 9:30 and an hour later am blogging...

But nope, no panic for me today. Serenity instead (found at last?). I think this flows out of what I've learnt in the past year. That things will happen in the time they need to, and they'll be just right when they do. Yes - you have to put in the effort. Yes - you can't just sit around waiting for life to fall into your lap. There is work required, and logical thought and a bit of activity. But as I've learnt, you don't go beating your head against closed doors. Instead you follow the open ones (what's right under your nose) - the path that has literally been laid out for you.

So today I'm working hard. I'm going to be playing a bit too (if you consider washing Olivia play). I'll be sorting out some essentials for the way forward - but I'll also be taking some breathing space. Balance, that's the key. Wrought from a deep inner peace that somehow has still gone unshaken during all the upheaval of the past year.

Oh - one more thing. This inner peace stuff has had me re-evaluating my possessions in a big way. I realize I've collected way too much clutter, the kind that makes my surroundings so busy that I start to feel angsty instead of relaxed at times. Today a lot of it goes. I'm paring down before the move, taking only what I really want with me, or is going to need to be used until it gets replaced (couches..). Any sentimental junk that isn't serving a purpose is going to end up either dumped or in someone else's hands.

That said - it's on to the day. Busy, but not rushed. Full, but not stressed-out. Mindful, focused, serene. I think it's going to be a good one.

Then again, sometimes you need a good cry in the car to maintain serenity... :-)