This is not a good thing - watching YouTube vids of blokes messing around in their Landies. Or reading about very clever guys who pimp things beyond my wildest imaginations and then take them out to play. Cos it's bad for me, yet also good for me.

I realize just why I got a Series Landy, why I love the beasts thoroughly and think they're the coolest things on 4 wheels (plus spares). I get all inspired again to get into mine and get going. To go play in the great outdoors instead of just fiddling around up and down the hill and wondering if I knew enough to fix what ailed her last time.

But it's a bad thing too - 'cos it makes me want to:

a) take a month or more off and fix her front to back - which is not possible at the moment.

b) chuck in life as I know it and hit the road for an extended period of time, with purpose and a destination in mind.

c) or just go places, see things, drive, camp, live, breathe...

Which is also a good thing - it's pushing me to get Olivia fixed up good and lekker so I can do all the above.

At the same time though I realize how much work I still need to put into her, and my heart quails. I've got a load of learning curves ahead if I'm to understand her workings sufficiently. I have to find experts to do a few things I can't do myself. I need to throw cash at her to get some bits sorted out. I need to find out EXACTLY what needs to be done before I stuff something up completely. I need time to do it all....

And before that can happen the spectre of urgent housing acquisition looms. I was informed today that "sorry, you don't earn enough to rent that house". I had absolutely no clue there was a sliding scale, but was working on what I could afford and taking it from there. Sometimes I think I'm way too naive. A lot less world-wise than I should be - as if I've been living in a bubble for too many years (perhaps I have). I'm still too trusting, too happy to assume the best of people and situations until proven otherwise... And too easily sidetracked while blogging! :-) Back to the subject at hand.

It's nights like this that I find myself wishing I had unlimited time, money, resources, knowledge. That I could just go DO this Olivia thing without looking at her every time I walk past and saying "not just yet - soon, but not immediately". I know the time's coming where I'll sort her out properly. Some days - like this - I just wish it were now.