Snippets 4 Sunday

* I'm close to feeling completely overwhelmed by all I have to accomplish in the next 3 weeks. There's so much to do, and some days I'm not even sure where to start. Yesterday I felt a sore throat coming on, today I lay in bed until 10:30 feeling not too great - I really can't afford to get ill on top of this all. Or perhaps "this all" is the reason why I'm feeling ill..?

* Every now and then I realize that the world perceives and treats me very differently as a single mom, as opposed to a single woman. And sometimes that sucks.

* It's winter today. It rained heavily the whole of yesterday. Today I'm trying to keep from freezing, although the sun's out. I guess we're in for an early and long one again this year. Bring on double duvets, hot water bottles and days made for cuddling up in bed!

* I could really really do with a holiday.

* I could also do with hauling out my camera more often. While snapping away at the Landy earlier I realized I haven't done any decent photography in ages. The camera goes everywhere with me - yet I haven't taken any really good shots lately. Perhaps summer is a dull season, uninteresting enough that natural wonders don't catch my eye? I've noticed a lot of my pics in the past were of winter and spring..! I haven't stopped to photograph the unusual - the VW Beetle with a tread-plate cow-catcher and corvette rear, case in point. Or the guys "gemotifying" their vehicles last weekend. Need to tune in the "artistic eye" again I think.

* I'd forgotten what a ball of energy a 2-year old boy can be on a rainy day.. Nor how much he delights in splashing knee-deep through flowing water (much to his mother's disgust). 13-year olds are a completely different breed.

* There are people in this world that can make me smile just by saying "hello". I like that.

* It's amazing how many boxes are required to pack up the contents of a one-bedroom flat. It's amazing how much space those filled boxes take up compared to the stuff that was in the flat in the first place!

* I'm hungry - I think a fresh loaf of olive, rosemary, garlic and feta focaccia is in order! And something tomatoey.