Sun, surf and such

I've just popped out onto the work balcony for a quick breath of fresh air (and to hear a voice that makes me happy) - it's a STUNNING day out there! Sitting in an airconditioned climate-controlled flourescent-lit building, you forget how the seasons come and go, how the temperature fluctuates and the wind blows. No wonder so many folk feel out of kilter, off-balance after a day at the office where sunrise and sunset don't feature as even a blip on the screen.

So... I was thinking... I may need to haul this laptop outdoors a bit later - using the excuse of working where my brain can function well, of course (which it does much easier when surrounded by nature). Set up in the sun, connect up the wireless surf option to access what I'm working on, and take it from there!

I don't see anyone taking advantage of the fact that we have a stunning view, portable workspaces (in many ways) or fresh air just other side this wall (which today, quite frankly, I'd like to knock down to give unrestricted access to the great outdoors). The balcony is the domain of the chain-smokers, not the alternative-space workers.

Dare I claim it as mine?