Now that I've cleared Google Reader of all 397 unread items... I can blog! :-)

GR isn't the only thing that's been backing up lately, I have to admit it. I'm still trying to find my rhythm in a new routine, figure out how much time I need to do things, get places - how to budget my time so I can fall peacefully into bed at the end of the day and not panic. Mornings are a bit of a struggle - this morning I was eating breakfast while doing the face. It isn't easy putting on mascara and chowing peanut-butter! :-) With winter approaching the mornings are still dark when the alarm goes off - but I can see I'm going to have to push it even earlier. Making weekend sleep-in's that much more enjoyable as a contrast. Bit of an organization backlog at the moment though.

I feel like I need some time to catch up with my soul too. Although I by no means have more than I can handle going on, I do feel like I've been lacking time to breathe. I've got a backlog of relaxation to experience - just that needed amount of quiet space and time where I'm not constantly running. (And yes, those vitamins are still making me bounce! But not quite as much as over the weekend) Besides the moving/sorting needed, I think that's another reason I'm considering spending Easter at home while the family goes elswhere. Well, that and the dog-care factor. New home etc., no known people to dog-sit.

Yes, there's the packing backlog too. And the car-sorting one. And the pot-the-strawberries one. But in some cases I've just given up on the backlog completely. The roses are being rehomed, not relocated. Sometimes it's easier to just leave it well alone.

Tonight I think I'll catch up on the sleep backlog a bit. Last night I had the weirdest dream, which definitely skimmed off some of my rest..

(Wondering what the piece of wood has to do with this post? It's an Australian Blackwood. Black.. log... oh, nevermind)