What Sick Day?

If I thought yesterday was bad, today is WORSE. The sore throat is gone, to be replaced with full-on raging thick head, nose that's worked its way through nearly an entire 2-ply toilet roll, and aching everything. And yet here I am at work.


Well I've been asking myself the same question all day... But basically it's cos I've got LOADS to do. One week, one day to go... And I have a once-in-a-blue-moon dinner appointment with a friend out from the USA.

So snotty nose to the grindstone it is.

Well I had to save this to drafts earlier, cos I had an interesting phonecall just as I was about to leave for the day. I'd been to see a house earlier that I thought would do for us, but had left my name and number with a few other folk showing similar houses - some in the same complex. One of the women called back, and when I mentioned which unit I'd seen, she said, "But that one's already been rented out!". Seems the developer is renting, via agents - and doesn't always let them know when a place goes... Fortunately there are another 4 exact-same ones in the same complex.

And now, after a dinner involving chili for the throat, I'm actually feeling worse than I have all day. If I'm still like this on the morrow, a sick day off it will definitely be. I can't afford to wear down - not with all this stuff still to do.