I have a thing for wood. Real, solid, minimally-messed-with wood. Something you don't get a lot of when it comes to furniture / floors / anything these days!

But there truly is nothing as divine as the texture of a well-crafted table, or a slab hewn out of a solid trunk (edges left as nature made them, not squared to death). I love the smell of freshly-cut wood, from pine to the exotics. I've had great fun in the past crafting things from wood in my amateur way.

And I certainly haven't done enough working with it lately!

This morning, while perusing the feeds in my reader, I came across Madara Designs. And got a shiver of the lekker-goosebumps browsing their galleries! They bring out the beauty of each piece of wood they use, highlighting grain and form and colour. I love it!

Once we're all settled into new house and job, I'm hauling out the woodworking stuff again. There are way too many ideas floating around in my head, dying to be brought to life. It's time to get some of them made!