Zen Zone

I've been designing my ideal home for years. All in my mind of course. Which means, should I peg tomorrow, shuffle off this mortal coil.. it will all be lost! (reminds me - if I do happen to kick the bucket, please see my journal for all the things I never said out loud :-) )

But then again, it's MY house.. and probably wouldn't be an exact fit for anyone else anyway.

So - this house, which is made of a whole lot of natural materials (stone, wood, earth, natural lighting etc) happens to have a Zen Zone. One very quiet room, empty but for a polished solid wood floor, one entire wall of windows (or a wrap-around curve of 180 degree window) and one simple meditation cushion (since a car accident that nearly wiped me out years ago, don't ask me to sit flat on the floor without padding). It's a room overlooking the most fantastic view - rolling green hills, not another building or man-made anything in sight. But that also varies from "uninterrupted view" to "middle of forest", greenery, water, nature wherever you look. Depending on where this house will one day exist. As long as there's some sun streaming in now and then and nature all around. Many meditation rooms are windowless, non-distracting spaces - mine incorporates the healing energies of the natural world, yet still provides silence.

Lately this Zen Zone room has sprung up unbidden into my mind more and more. It's a sure sign that I'm going to need some quiet time and uninterrupted space to settle my insides. Soon. Before they become as agitated as scrambled egg.

Until then, my Zen Zone room lives in my mind, giving me a place to retreat to when I need peace. Virtual meditation.