Road Rage

I'm a nasty commuter...

This morning I had the pleasure of making a minibus taxi stick to the 60km/hr speed limit through town. I was in the fast lane, the slow lane was chokablock (no space to duck in between cars), and this bloke wanted to speed. Only one problem - I was in the way, and I wasn't going to speed! So he hooted. And I turned around and mouthed "no" in his direction. Which led to an extended sit-on-the-hooter session, upon which I nearly took it upon myself to flip him the bird. Except I'm too nice (and didn't want him hauling out a shotgun or anything).

Well he finally got his gap, roared past, got caught just in front of me at the next traffic light... and then I had the second pleasure of speeding past him when the speed limit increased and his little taxi couldn't take the hill at a clip! :-)

And singing, "dontcha wish your car was fast like mine.."

Yup, I'm a nasty commuter! :-)