So it begins

First night in the new house, and it was not a very settled one. It takes some getting used to, the new night noises, the light levels, the howling wind, and the traffic that starts up around 5 in the morning...!

But bit by bit we're getting sorted. The boxes are slowly being emptied, the floor space cleared. My dad was a huge help yesterday packing things away as they arrived. But I still have a few things in the old garage to clear out, so we ain't done yet!

This weekend, while the family goes off to greener pastures for the Easter break, I'll be home alone sorting out my house. I need to get it done as soon as possible - I have to have a calm and clear space to come home to or I'll go slowly insane.

The poor dogs had a culture shock - where previously they lived in the house and out the house, took over beds and couches for sleeping at night, and had grass to run on and things to bark at, last night they slept out in their dog boxes. They spent the day in the back courtyard (can't call it a garden - no grass!). And I realized they need to find a new, better home to live in. That courtyard gets extremely hot during the day, and they're going to start feeling very neglected unless we make a plan to spend a lot of time with them out there. It would be best if they had a garden to run in - so the search for a schipperke-friendly home starts afresh.

Thanks to school holidays, my commute isn't that bad through town and beyond. Was still here bright and early this morning, ready to get to the work at hand.

However, I'm going to be spending the day in a rather stiff and sore, bruised and battered state. I seem to have managed to scrape, bump and pummel most of myself while moving things yesterday. I even had a paint can fall on my head - not recommended as a pleasant experience!

So it begins. The change to a new life is complete.