Bad habits

I found myself eyeing that fancy coffee machine at work this morning. The smell is divine (though I'm kinda terrified it will blow up if I push the wrong button - or overflow and send hot coffee streaming through the building, shorting out the entire head office of an international company, all their servers.... etc etc ). And I was very very lus for coffee.

When I gave up on it a few months back I had absolutely no cravings. No side-effects, or withdrawal symptoms. Easy-peasy, coffee was gone. But now I think it's coming back to bite me.

No, I don't plan to indulge. The last time I tried a cup I couldn't even finish it. I haven't dipped into the free-drinks fridge for something fizzy or over-sugared either.

But with the whole coffee story today I was thinking that I'm slipping into many other bad habits, which I need to turn around before they spiral out of control. Like the dark chocolate it was way too easy to buy yesterday at lunchtime (and which I'm finishing off as I type this). I sit all day at a desk - and when I get home I've been too rushed to get my hour-long walks in for the past 3 weeks. I can feel myself getting unfit and less firm. Gotta do something about that immediately! Running up and down the stairs at home repeatedly to answer the cellphone doesn't count. Although I pack mere salad for lunch, suppers have become big meals again, something I can't afford to do. I haven't had enough fruit and veg lately - though I'm doing well on water, which is constantly topped-up on the desk.

Now that we're in the new place, it's time I started to sort out those health/body loose ends. Work out an exercise time and method (there's a swimming pool in the complex - perhaps while it's still hot I should add that in). Make a plan for the meals and try get the bigger ones earlier in the day (I had a neighbour who did the whole cooked-meal thing at breakfast time!!!). Work out where I can pinch in some me-time and some quiet time. And some family time.

Adding one more thing to consider and plan to this already rather-packed weekend alone...

(talking of which, I would appreciate healing thoughts at around 8:30 on Saturday morning... ;-) )