Kick up the rear

Some of us need a little more motivation than others to do things. Every now and then that's me...

It's very easy to drift through some situations, hoping things will come right of their own accord, that you'll find the bridge across the chasm when you need to (and cross it when you get to it). But sometimes the road simply runs out and you have to hack your way through the jungle.

It's in those moments of acute discomfort, of panic and the kind of fear that has you locking yourself up in the bathroom to cry, that action starts to take place. Instead of being paralyzed by despair, you find the next step to get you moving - and take it. It's never easy. It's sometimes frustrating when it takes too long, when your road ends up horrifyingly close to the edge of the cliff, but it is rewarding once you start to see progress.

A kick up the rear is a good thing indeed.