Just Another Thursday

'Tis a sad day indeed when the most exciting thing that happens at work is a large picture falling off the wall and crashing in splinters of glass to the floor in the cafeteria....

But not all of us can have adrenalin-fueled jobs! :-)

So we make our own entertainment. Like walking the next-door mini-mall over lunchtime and checking out what's for sale. The new summer stuff is coming in - if I weren't plugging every cent into Olivia and keeping my home/family going, I wouldn't mind a pair of pants that fit properly. Everything I own has become extreme low-rise as I slowly shrink. I wouldn't mind getting a haircut too, but it will have to wait.

OK - so window-shopping and pictures falling off walls aren't the most exciting things to be reading about here.

How about this?

In two days my dad remarries. Who would have thought! It's a very low-key event, part of a church service at which he and his intended will be preaching. I get to play the piano for the first time in 6 months, and in a church for the first time in 2 1/2 years. Bit on the rusty side, but these things are like riding a bike. As is, I presume, marriage for my dad. It's likely something you don't forget how to do, yet it takes some adjustment to new circumstances.

There's little bits of excitement on the Olivia front as the stripping is finished and the rebuilding begins. Yesterday saw the re-upholstered dashboard and seats arrive, and a beautiful strong towhitch plate go in - customized, hand-made by the love of my life, and will not be going anywhere. She's still standing in pieces (no windscreen, doors, dash...), but bit by bit there's progress. She's going to be fantastic!

Spring hasn't proved too exciting as yet - just a gentle warming up, sun rising earlier and setting later, and now and then a burst of blossom next to the road. Or a field of wild flowers spotted suddenly.

And on the home front - well, there's certainly excitement. But nothing I'll blog here! :-) Suffice it to say I'm happy, content, and glowing.

Yup, just another Thursday.