Nope, not an other homeschooling / kid education post :-) Just in case you were wondering how one-track my mind was becoming...

Instead it's one about my OTHER one-track thing. Olivia. Or rather, the fact that she's nearly nearly done and we can get our lives back into non-Olivia-centered mode. Now that things are fitted back into her, we're no longer falling over windscreens behind the sofa, doors against the fridge, springs in the fruit bowl, re-upholstered seats on the single-seater, roof linings against the wall and spares in the bedroom. The amount of nuts and bolts lying around has been reduced to manageable levels and organized into containers. The bits of metal and "things that came out of Olivia" are dramatically less noticeable in corners and the back yard. The house is looking less like a Landy in pieces and more, once again, like a home.

Which means I can start to refocus on crafting my home to what I envision and keeping it well-maintained yet again. I've missed having the time to bake and cook, missed having everything sparkly-clean and organized, missed having evenings and weekends to spend luxuriating in the company of those I love.

In recent weeks I've been on a purging mission, converting excess goods to cash, clearing out junk, paring down on the unnecessary, letting go of stuff I've clung to for unknown reasons, starting to once again live open-handed, open-minded, with clarity and freedom. I'm starting to give my home and it's residents attention again.

I admit there's a long way to go. There's many corners of my home that need a re-do, sorting out, organizing and rethinking. There are things that need to go, and things that need to be added (like a dining-room table, for the first time in many years). It's a home now, but it's going to be a better home soon.