In less than a week I turn 36. I now classify as what one might term a "mature female" - though not so mature as to classify as "biltong" just yet. But definitely an adult who knows herself well enough to be able to move through life with confidence and at least some sense of direction.

Which is why mico-management grates on me so effectively. I don't know if it's a power issue, but there are some I've noticed who really like to supervise the every move of others, even those not directly under their scope of responsibility. It's a constant checking up on people, judging their actions or perceived inaction, attempting to control how they think or work or act - specifically if it falls outside the realm of how they think/work/act themselves. From family members to colleagues, those above in the pecking order and those below, it plays itself out minute to minute and day to day. (Of course, self-micro-management is not necessarily present... and lends a rather ironic air to the entire thing)

Which I guess is fine if you believe that everyone needs to conform to the general herd, carbon copies of each other. But not so fine if, like me, you see things from a very different perspective. Nor so fine if you reckon you're old enough and mature enough to not need micro-managing - to know what you have to do, what it will take to accomplish it, and have set out the path required to follow - even if it looks different from how others think it should be.

Being micro-managed really gets my goat. It's a blatant vote of no-confidence in your personal ability to self-manage. It's nitpicking while the bigger picture goes out the window. It may also be a "difference between the way people think" thing... One-track single-task mind vs multi-tasking mult-tracking mind - and an inability to see how the other one works.

But enough amateur psychology on my part. I'm simply stating for the record that micro-management sucks. And that I'm old enough not to need it, not to stand for it.