Twiddling Thumbs

Today is the last day of my son's school exams. The last day that they actually DO anything in school. And yet by law kids have to go to school next week - to a school that's more than likely empty, where everyone sits twiddling their thumbs and waiting for the 4-day week to end and summer holidays to kick in!

So us parents are forced to take the kids to school. Unless, like some, the school just Closes. I know of at least one boarding school that will simply be closing the dorms this weekend - end of story. Meantime the rest of us pay bus fares and transport, aftercare (if necessary) and such for the kids to sit and do nothing for 4 days. Glorified child-care.

Stuff like this makes me happy we're doing the home-school thing next year - challenges notwithstanding. Challenges including some serious opposition from family members... but that's to be expected.

No more twiddling thumbs next year. Instead a real-life education and some absolutely awesome opportunities for the kid. Yay!