Last night Favourite Man and I decided to indulge in a spot of off-roading in Olivia. There's a place nearby that has a good deal of steep hills, challenging dirt tracks and tight turns. Of course Olivia handled them all in her stride, chugging along happily up and down the mountain.

It was also a bit of a photo-op chance to catch a few good shots of my truck.

We crested the hill just as the sun was setting - a perfect view of mountain and truck, so I trundled off into a knee-high field of long grass and hunkered down for a good view.

Back in the truck I picked two ticks off my clothes - a reminder that there are bugs in wild places. And then the hayfever set in... worse than I've ever had it! Within minutes my throat had completely closed, my ears were zinging and sounds were muted. Nose running, sneezing incessantly, I grabbed an Allergex from the handbag in the hope it would kick in quickly.

It didn't.

Another Allergex at home got stuck under my tongue to be absorbed by the soft tissues as quickly as possible. Still I couldn't breathe, couldn't swallow, couldn't hear and felt like I was living in cottonwool. Not at all good. By the time I hit the sack for bedtime my uvula was swollen down into the throat making swallowing near impossible without choking. (Still on the mend from a head cold and sore throat hasn't helped)

I slept with my mouth open last night. I'm pretty sure Favourite Man heard me snoring all night long. Today I still have swallowing issues, a runny nose and "padded" hearing. This hayfever session is taking more than a little time to end!

So lesson learnt - if you're going to suffer for your art, make sure you're stocked up on Allergex...