A lack of sleep is a funny thing. This morning I'm running on about 3 hours' worth for (very) good reason, and found myself forgetting routine tasks first thing this morning - like the usual cup of coffee that Favourite Man gets, and putting away the butter after breakfast. It took me a while to click that I needed to do these, even though they were blatantly staring me in the face. Heck - I even switched on the kettle and waited for it to boil without first switching on the wall plug!

Minimum sleep puts a bit of a cushion on the day. Edges are less clear, experiences less sharp. You kind of drift through life - bit dangerous in commuter traffic, I guess. If I were a substance-using individual I'd likely compare it to being just a little bit stoned.

Yet at the same time I'm running on adrenalin or something similar - I'm powering through tasks I've set myself at a rate of knots.

There are days where a lack of sleep would have me dozing at the desk, literally unable to keep my eyes open (been there, done that - twice in one day recently). Then there are days like this - where a lack of sleep actually energizes me. I know that if I slow down I'll fall down, so I'm pushing forward and driving myself toward what needs doing, forcing myself to think as clearly as possible, putting in the extra effort needed to work out issues.

Yes, I'm yawning constantly, but perhaps a lack of sleep can be a good thing at times?