unFestive - take 3

Less than a week to Xmas and I'm as unfestive and uninspired as ever.

Well... sorta.

There's still no Xmas decor around the house, no tree, no lights, no nothing. Favourite Man would like one of these though.. ;-) I may need to put the kid onto throwing some glitter around the house and tarting it up festively.

Meantime I have yet to do Xmas shopping. Yup, less than a week and clueless. How disorganized is that! And yet I do have direction.

The thing is this - sometimes inspiration strikes under pressure. It used to happen a lot with the kid's birthday parties. We'd get a basic theme together, I'd start pondering, but the best stuff happened the day before we were to host it, when suddenly I'd come up with the most marvellous ideas that the kids then went completely nuts for.

Same thing's happening with Xmas this year. Last minute ideas crashing in, last minute inspiration slapping me upside the head. So yes, gifts will be given - not expensive gifts, but gifts nonetheless.

Now all I need to do is find a little bit of time to go get the basics...