As Time Goes By

The day is completely and utterly dragging today. It feels like I've been here a week! I guess that's the last-day-of-work-for-the-year syndrome kicking in.

At least one of my email lists has folk wondering if they're the only ones left in the office. Nope, they're not. But here in sunny SAfrica things tend to seriously close down mid-December. Come 16 December, most industrial companies have ceased being industrious until mid-January! Which is awfully frustrating for those still soldiering (or soldering) on.

Anyhoo, today a lot of folk are sitting twiddling their thumbs and clock-watching. It's hard to get into the working spirit when you're mere hours away from a 10-day or more break! Even more so when it's summer outdoors, indoors the aircon is freezing your limbs off, and half the world is at the beach.

Nevertheless I'll persevere. This too shall pass (in about an hour and a half, actually). Then it's a brief run past some still-open industrial shops, and home to those I love.