I have this horrible feeling my brain may explode today.

I've been delving deep into some fascinating stuff on a very steep learning curve - the kind of learning curve that makes you just want to keep going and going, that has you lying awake way after midnight with eyes that won't close and a mind that won't go to sleep, though your body's given out hours ago. The kind that keeps leaping from one idea to another, going further and faster and harder and quicker until you're not sure how you're still managing to run on mental adrenalin alone!

It's got me forgetting lunch, not noticing hours flip by, and ignoring the call of nature until I have to do a sprint to fulfil it (yeah, way too much information!).

The thing is this. There's so much out there to learn. There's always something cool and new and better and more fascinating that my head wants to twist itself around. I've been getting my fingers into code again, I've been stretching my (blonde) mind to figure out stuff I've never tackled before. Of course having to do all this under the watchful eye of an expert in the field is pushing me even more.. ;-)

But this is the headspace I love to work in. The one that's like a giant sponge, soaking up information and knowlege, spewing it out again in just the right way, figuring out complex issues and finding solutions to baffling problems. It's what motivates me, energizes me, keeps me at it - simply because I enjoy it so much.

Bags under eyes notwithstanding.