Here's a bit of a follow-on from the last post.

"What would you do if you won a couple million in the lotto?"

It's a popular water-cooler topic, that one. Favourite Man asked me this a few weeks ago and, being the tongue-tied type, I couldn't come up with an immediate response! My brain was throwing images at me at a rate, but my mouth wouldn't open to express them. Classic blonde syndrome.

But I did give it some thought - and I know precisely what I'd do. None of that "tell the boss to go to hell, then go on a spending spree" stuff for me. Well - not exactly like that, at least.

It's more a case of lotto winnings being a "buffer zone" to enable dream fulfillment. Without the need to scramble to cover daily expenses constantly, I'd have the time and the means to explore things that fascinate me, do things that interest me, experiment and dabble in passions I simply don't have the time or the cash for right now.

Yes, travel is on the list. Spending months learning a new skill without having to fit it into after-hours is there. Business start-ups and expansion (using all those latent ideas bouncing around the head) get a mention. Writing the book, painting that artwork, crafting a space I enjoy without doing it in a rush, they're in there too.

See, not your average stuff!

And yet, looking at my list - both written down and not - I have to wonder. Surely I can do all that without winning the lotto? Yup, I think so! And working toward those dreams (in spite of the day job and accompanying available time restrictions) is something I'm thinking very seriously about today. Sure, it will take effort, planning, and there will be no "buffer zone" to relax in, but it's most certainly achieveable.

Who needs the lotto anyway! :-)