Getting it Write

My life is all about writing at the moment. My dayjob as a technical writer keeps me spouting forth words professionally all day. I'm still writing for the Land Rover Monthly magazine (3 feature articles have already been printed, with photos!). I'm writing copy for two new and one existing website. I'm blogging a bit more than I have in recent months. I've even considered taking up journalling again - just to make sure the last words I have to say leave my head and hit paper before poor Favourite Man has to be bombarded with them verbally in the middle of the night. :-)

I'm loving it.

When I first started blogging I thought very little of my wordy abilities. I assumed no-one would want to hear what I had to say, that I was a terrible story-teller and would never be able to make a living writing. (I'm still not very good with spoken word - preferring to put pen to paper or keystrokes to screen.)

This in spite of having had two articles (also with photos!) published in a local magazine and being in charge of writing and checking a lot of stuff at my previous job...

Seems I was wrong. The blog has had over 138,000 hits since then (granted, a good few lately are image searches - note to self, up the photoblog freqency :-) ). I've found ways to craft my experiences and thoughts into stories, I've filled pages with text, and I've had them appear in print.

I'm not yet at where I want to be with my writing, but I'm headed in the right direction! Bit by bit I'm aiming for a goal that's sitting very quietly in a corner of my head and saying nothing. I'm building the foundations for a big plan that will allow me to chase some extra-large dreams. It's going to take a lot of hard work and thousands more words, but I'm slowly starting to realize it's a possibility. Even if I sometimes get discouraged comparing myself to others, even if occasionally inspiration is lacking, I have a unique voice, a unique style, unique perspectives, and an ability to put those into words.

That's really all I need.