To the rescue!

I'm off on a basic first-aid course, work-organized, tomorrow. I've arranged to take my son with me. Home education takes many forms! And life-skills forms a very big part of that.

So tomorrow morning, and for the next 3 days, we're going to be learning how to do the very basics of injury treatment and life-saving. We'll (hopefully) come out the other side with a certificate each and some decent practical knowledge.

Watch this space...


On a related note - the "preparing for life" is a big part of what I'm trying to achieve with my son's home-schooling experience. Favourite Man has been giving him bits of man-knowledge along the way - I've been trying to get a few other home-knowledge things in to his head. But we're only just getting started. There's still a lot to accomplish on the learning front, and I'm still in negotiations with two institutions regarding his formal education.

I think slowly his brain is starting to wake up - that he's starting to understand how life around him works and dream of what can be. Some may not see progress, but I do - in the little things he says and does. So I have hope that this will work out, that he will learn all I want him to learn to make a success of his life. And the quest to ensure that happens continues daily.