What is it about a pair of high heels and confidence levels?

Today I'm wearing heels - something I don't usually do. I normally go for comfort - easy to slip on and off flat shoes, so that driving barefoot doesn't require undressing first. I don't fancy falling on uneven surfaces or twising my ankle, so no-heels it usually is.

Except today. Today it's not only heels, but also a relatively low-cut, side-skimming top in a very complimentary blue, and a necklace! (Bit of trivia for you - I don't have pierced ears. Never have, but reconsidering...)

So I'm prancing around in my heels today - striding along on my tiptoes with a definitive click, and that adds a sway to the hips too. It also adds the possibility of blisters as bits are rubbed where the feet don't usually feel them. The price of beauty is pain!

Nevertheless, for some reason the heels are giving me a bit of an attitude. Confidence, slight aggro go-get-it-ness. I'm walking tall - literally - and it's got me walking tall in my head too.

OK, it's not just the heels. It's things coming together bit by bit in the rest of life too. Far from out of the woods, but it's strange how sometimes random events string along in very unexpected ways and lead to big things.

Things me and my heels are definitely ready to tackle today.