Men prefer brunettes

The days of the blonde bombeshell are over - I'm convinced of it.

Watch any beauty pageant, hit the top-anything list of whatever gorgeous women are being examined, and you'll find it populated by brunettes. Blondes have been relegated to the seedier side of town. It's the age of the Asian, the Brazilian, the Indian, the dark-haired amber-skinned lovely.

I'll admit it - there's something about brunettes that lends the imagination toward the sensual, the smouldering, particularly if I use the "man" part of my brain. Blondes - not so much.

But am I going brunette? Well...

Remember my redhead days? No matter what the general public consensus is, I'm not going back there. Been there, done that, reverted to my usual mostly-blonde. And blonde it will have to stay. At least until the greys completely take over!

Will leave the eye-candy-generation to the brunettes - after all, while the men are ogling them, I get to ogle the men unnoticed!!! :-)