I had a good giggle last night.

Sometime after supper my son was walking out of the kitchen toward the lounge when he spotted a rather small but very bodily-substantial spider on the floor. Eeking and fear ensued, followed shortly by Favourite Man putting his feet up on the sofa. Yup, I have two males in the house that are afraid of spiders.

I'm not much better, but there was a can of Doom near my son's location, which he fetched and proceded to aim at the spider. From sufficient distance that it wasn't terribly effective! In fact it made things worse - the spider suddenly started to shed a multitude of little spiders as it scurried... Of course that led to more eeking and jumping around, but the poor little beast and its offspring were finally Doomed by the front door. And left for me to sweep up! :-)

Thereafter the boy refused to walk past the dead spider, and instead climbed over the kitchen counter to get where he needed to go.

I'd hate to see the male reaction in my household should something bigger than a 5c piece appear.

But on a side-note, the reason my son was downstairs at all is that his Internet access disappeared on Friday thanks to "non-compliance" issues. In the few days since he's been offline he's completely changed. He's no longer sullen, rude, reclusive. He doesn't talk back in a nasty manner. He participates in the household and does what is asked of him, without moaning. The turn-around has been impressive. And not just a ploy to regain internet access either, or at least I don't think so. He's just a whole lot more pleasant when not glued to his virtual worlds.

Which has me pondering if he's ever going to have Internet access ever again.. :-)