Quiet of a different kind

It's not that I don't have anything to say that this blog's gone quiet again. It's that my days are so full that the words don't get to come out on screen.

So here's a quick snippet-blog:

* That first-aid course went very well last week. The kid seems to have enjoyed it - even though it was aimed at adults. Apparently they have a kid's course in the holidays, but he coped very well and passed. First short course completed!

* I'm still facing some huge challenges, one day at a time. They could be overwhelming - but I'm seeing them as strength-building. There's always the temptation to give up and give in, but what would that help? Instead I'm taking a deep breath and powering through them in good faith that, not only will I come out OK on the other side, I'll come out a whole lot better than when I went in. Meantime the dreaming and scheming continues, the working toward something bigger and better.

* Favourite Man was wondering this morning if I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow. It's a non-day, the 29th of Feb - do we get paid for an extra day if we turn up?

* That UK earthquake. I reckon it was a selective act of God. Take a look at the BBC image gallery - only chimneys were damaged! The Allpowerful One must have a thing against ugly rooftop adornments. Or, as my colleague reckons, certain folk have been VERY bad this early in the year - Santa will never make it down those chimneys now. Of course there's always the alternative view....

* The seasons are changing so fast. A few weeks ago I was leaving for work in full sunlight. Now getting up at 6:30 is done in the half-dark. Pretty soon I won't see the sun until I've been at work for a while. The vineyards are turning autumn shades, there's mist and fog around in the mornings and evenings, and those blistering-hot days have been absent for the past week or two. It's going to be soup, curry and cuddle weather very soon.

* ...and along with the seasonal change come the germs. I think I'm coming down with something.