I know I said I'd do what it takes, that some things would have to fall by the wayside, and that sleep would probably be one of them. And I am willing to put in the effort required.

But I'm just.so.tired...

I've been pushing myself to the limit again on less sleep than I need. I used to function best on 8 hours straight - but those days are a distant memory and I'm having to adjust to a new schedule. Some days it works, some days I wander around like a zombie.

And some days I rely on a mid-morning caffiene kick just to keep me wired and running on static, bouncing. Today is one of them. Amazing how bouncy one can be on a liquid diet.

The thing is I'm really enjoying doing what it is that cuts into my sleep time. I wish I had a limitless reserve of energy and rest that could be tapped into at will. But working three "full-time" jobs gets even superwoman down now and then. And there are days when I simply don't have the energy to keep tabs on everything that needs it. So I simplify my tasks to bare necessities, cut the mental clutter and clatter, and simply move as quickly and effectively through what needs doing as I can.

Last night late I found myself packing cookies and brownies for today's sales. All I really wanted to do was curl up and snooze, but there I was - going to the last of my reserves so I wouldn't start this morning in a rush. And then still doing the dishes and one more task online before a shower and bed. To tired to attack the legs with a razor. Too out of it to paint my nails - or even remember I'd wanted to. Too exhausted to even summon up more than hitting doze-level on the chest of Favourite Man and merely grunting as my half of conversation!

Yes, I'm getting through everything, mostly. But I've also been hovering on the brink of falling ill for a week or two now. I know I'll have to look after Me soon and let some tasks stand over for a day or two. Just not yet. Not now. It's essential that I push out even more for a while longer.

With apologies to those who have to live and work with me.. :-)