You know you're getting old when....

On Saturday night a couple of unusual things happened. My son went out to a movie on his own for the very first time, using his own money. And Favourite Man and I got a date night all to ourselves! :-)

Being long in the tooth, we didn't exactly paint the town red. We had a bit of an afternoon nap, then bought groceries, and had a quiet supper at the Spur. Yeah I know - the elderly out on the town and all...

And it was while waiting patiently outside the movies for the kid to arrive (another sign of age) that we saw something that really brought home how advanced in years we are.

There was the usual gaggle of assorted kids hanging around the entertainment areas, including a bunch of guys around my son's age. I merely glanced at them in passing. But then did a serious double-take.

One of the guys was dressed in shorts and takkies. Nothing unusual there. Except that he'd shaved his legs. Again, nothing unusual you say. Yah... but.... he'd shaved them in concentric circles going up the leg - a strip of hair, a strip of none, a strip of hair, a strip of none...!!! Kinda reminded me of a Dr Seuss book. And considering "Horton Hears a Who" is showing, perhaps the misguided young man was showing his adoration for his favourite author?

Whatever it was - fashion statement, dare or just plain silly - it was all I could do not to crack my jaw when it dropped to the floor, or stare. Giggling had to suffice, along with moving quickly on.

The youth of today! (rolls eyes)