Have a Screw!

No, not that kind of screw... My dad reads this blog, for goodness sake! :-)

When I fired up the puter this morning at work, after plugging laptop into docking station, I found a small black screw lying next to it. Hmmm.... that's not a good sign (see how well Olivia's got me trained! :-) ).

I'm not the type to keep a messy desk. It's very minimal - only what I'm working on out on the surface, with my water bottle and Paper Landy grouped neatly to one side next to a single photo frame. Cables are tied up out of the way behind the screen, only one "adornment" is on the divider - my Olivia calendar. There's nothing lying around that doesn't need to be there - which is why a stray screw catches my eye.

'cept I have no idea where it came from! I don't want to go through the process of undocking this beast to check it out just yet, and I can't see anything falling off at the moment. Besides - what exactly is there that needs to be attached with a screw on my puter?

Dunno. It's pretty modular.

Meantime I got a screw loose. Or, more accurately, a loose screw. Let's hope nothing blows up for a lack of it.